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Post  aln on Tue May 17, 2011 11:21 pm

just had Mr. Big (my daughter named our car Mr. Big) an under wash today at GTS Congressional today. paid Php410 (250 under wash + 160 car wash).

working bay for under wash and under coating
under wash... D5fceae0

tires removed
under wash... D9c40a92

this is what it looks like under after washing (rear), no undercoat?!
under wash... 0979df61

another view (rear)
under wash... C970a495

another view from the side (rear)
under wash... 9d067f79

rear wheel well, gas tank side. see the small hole? maybe that is where the dirt comes in the gas lid
under wash... 27617bde

mid part of our GL, see the heat shield on top of the catalytic converter? that is where the noisy idle sound comes from according to sir lydemer. sir badtoy calls it "nag-chichismisang daga"
under wash... 8e6eba24

after seeing that our GL doesn't have any undercoat on most part, i decided to ask how much it will cost to have our GL protected from rust. price is php3,200 and they will give discount if group daw. maximum is four cars daw.

i was surprised na halos walang undercoat ang pang-ilalim natin. yung rear wheel wells lang pero pansinin niyo yung sa may gas lid part. walang undercoat din yung paligid.

magpapalagay na ako, question lang is alin dapat ang takpan para hindi malagyan... kung me interesado let me know para mapa-schedule na natin.


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under wash... Empty Re: under wash...

Post  aln on Wed May 18, 2011 11:12 am

hi guys, i moved the topic for undercoating under the Technical Discussions.


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