rust on door trim metal bracket

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rust on door trim metal bracket Empty rust on door trim metal bracket

Post  rungiem on Tue Oct 16, 2012 1:08 am

Check your door trim metal brackets, there could be rust formation already. I had my front right door trim opened to check the rattling sound once
and after some time, i had it opened again because of the same reason. Good thing because we found out also that the door trim metal bracket is already 90% covered with RUST!
It's the metal bracket which holds the arm rest and where it is screwed ( arm rest small pocket ). SA told me that such metal really do not undergo
rust proofing in the production plant. It's galvanized metal only and due to moisture, rust will occur over time.
You will find a small circle black plastic which is the screw cap. With the use of a screw driver (flat/cover the tip with a clothe to avoid scratch) you can easily remove it and view the metal bracket using a flash light. From there you should be able to see the rusty color if there is.
I had all my four doors cleaned and painted for free in mantrade since its under warranty.

Just make sure that during returning of the door trims, the screws are properly fitted and aligned with the metal bracket and dont over torque or the
plastic which holds the screw will crack and break just like what happend to my driver side door. Many months passed since it was done by mantrade and last friday I noticed a rattling sound fom there and found out that the plastic ( tripod shaped) which holds the screw is broken already. It finally gave off maybe because of the vibration during opening/closing of the door and also when running. Am working now with mantrade to have it replaced since its under warranty. I just hope that they will replace it with a new one. Also they are the one to touch last my GL during aircon system replacement last sept 14.



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rust on door trim metal bracket Empty Re: rust on door trim metal bracket

Post  aln on Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:54 am

thanks for the heads up sir. i think ganun ata talga kasi sa previous car ko meron din rust pero hindi naman to the point na nalusaw na yung metal. i think its a good idea to have the metal rust proofed, DIY na lang pwede na. takot lang ako sa nga clips kasi baka masira o kaya mawala

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