SCANGAUGE II - not working on our GL ?

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SCANGAUGE II - not working on our GL ?

Post  quiescent on Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:55 pm

just for sharing, I purchased SCANGAUGE II and tried it with our GL but its not working properly... the tech sales memtioned that our GL is not included or not compatible with their product..Sad  

is there anyone tried the same?   theres one website in malaysia, mentioned that about SCANGUAGE II for GL LIVINA.. anyone has info if this will work?

thanks to all..

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Re: SCANGAUGE II - not working on our GL ?

Post  manoktot on Tue Jan 07, 2014 4:58 pm

I think ScanGauige either 1 or 2 will not work with our Livinas sir. I had an Ultragauge before (ordered sa US), ayaw gumana ng maayos, ang lumalabas lang na gauge is yung speed (out of 18 possible gauges) tapos hindi pa umaandar.

If I remember correctly, I did some research bakit ayaw gumana sa Livina natin, kasi the Livina uses another protocol which isn't properly compatible (parang CAN BUS ata), I just can't remember the technical details right now, pero wala akong makitang solution after much research so in the end, I sold the Ultragauge to my friend (Ford everest) which gumana kagad yung Ultragauge.

Weird nga kasi most OBD2 sites will list cars that were manufactured after 1996 are OBD2 compliant na dapat.


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