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Post  ilongga on Tue Jul 01, 2014 4:23 pm

asking fellow members,  if  one of your your remote button is not functioning?
do you guys know of an off market supplier?

got this problem with my GL.  the close button (upper part) is not functioning.  my only remedy is to use the master switch at the left side door, then upon exit, use the key to lock the driver side door.

after a lot of surfing i came upon this site where a replacement PAD is only recommended instead of letting the dealer replace the whole keyless remote. Please visit also the you tube site, there's a lot of video showing that most of the problem is just the rubber pad.

HELP!,  baka may alam kayo na supplier ng "REPLACEMENT PAD" only

here's the url of the said site,  just navigate to the 3 button nissan remote, then once your on the nissan page, on the right side click on the replacement case and pad.


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