Planning to buy second hand livina. Need some information

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Planning to buy second hand livina. Need some information

Post  76ers on Sat Oct 11, 2014 11:23 pm


I am planning to buy a second hand livina. Currently doing some research and looking around the web and in the car depots.

I just have some questions:

1) Is the GL equipped with immobilizer ? I read somewhere that this car has the immobilizer. I've looked at the key of the seller. mukhang normal key lang siya. So is this immobilizer in all models (elite, luxury , elegance) or just the high end ? Is there a way to tell if the keys have immobilizer or not ? does anyone know how much the key and remote cost ? there is only 1 set of keys. so i need to factor in the cost for a second set.

2) From GL owners , what is your fuel consumption on your GL for city driving . Interested in AT models.

3) When i went to see a GL for sale, in front (if your facing the car), somewhere in the 2/3 to the right portion of the bumper, there is a small plastic cover, it is like a square about 1.5in x 1.5 in, if you take out this cover, there is like a tube inside ( baka mali description ko). Can anyone tell me what this is ?

4) Is there a built in gps that comes with the GL ?

5) Is there a link where i can download softcopy owner's manual ?



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