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Post  willow on Wed Feb 11, 2015 7:48 am

Replaced front and rear shock absorbers. Replaced stabilizer links. Replaced spark plugs, air filter.

Front shocks - 3100 ea (KYB excel g)
Labor -450 ea

Rear shocks - 1300 ea (KYB excel g)
Labor - 200 ea

Stab link -250 ea (replacement)
Labor - free

Camber/alignment - 1200

Spark plugs - 431.20 ea (casa)
Air filter - 350 (replacement)
Labor - 600 (outside casa) sama na tip

Kaso nilinis Throttle body ayun nag hunting ang engine kaya ayun dinala ko sa casa for consult2. Kaso consult3 daw meron sila at 2500 ang consult all in.

Ayus na rin kasi nag check sila ng whole system check pati suspensions check nila. Recommendations is replace wiper blade left n right talks cabin filter at AC cleaning. Wala naman nakita as suspension.

Cabin filter ako na lang magpapalit 850 lang to sa Sta. Rita Batangas. Pati wiper blades diy lang din. AC cleaning do na muna eh kalamig pa naman.

Erratic fuel gauge level, clean float resistor block. DIY din. Hirap lang may tumatagas na gasoline pag inaalis ang hose kaya medyo may smell gasoline sa loob ng cabin


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