unusual tapping sound during braking

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unusual tapping sound during braking

Post  rungiem on Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:06 pm

Hi, I drove my car three weeks ago around 50kph (short distance) while overtaking and then make a fast right turn to go back to my lane.
Unfortunately, my right tire run over a small hole ( very shallow only) on the road and during brake application while steering right, there was a loud and very fast
repeatition of noise ( like pak..pak..pak..pak ) on my right front tire. It was so loud that i can hear it inside the cabin though I felt no vibration on the
steering wheel. People outside on the streets and other drivers heared it too as seen on their faces. Before this happened, a year ago and every now and then I am reporting this to my SA that I am hearing a "thug" sound exactly there
in my right front tire whenever i make a right turn but not most of the time. I noticed that it occur only when the road is sloping down. Last saturday we went
to tagaytay palace in the sky and it occured again ( thug sound, once only) going down, steering right. Also when that tire ran over a hole, even when driving straight, the sound is
quite different from the left tire. I knew that there is something wrong and have reported it many time but Nissan Mantrade cannot duplicate it and always conclude trhat the car is ok.
At 10K km, i have change steering coupling already because of the same"thug" sound before. They havent change it until the "thug" sound was there permanently whenever you turn right.
Can it be the same problem again? or stabilizer? Pls help.


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Re: unusual tapping sound during braking

Post  yoogix on Fri Dec 21, 2012 2:13 am

Hi rungiem,

There is nothing to worry about. I am suspecting that the noise you've heard was the Anti-lock Braking System or ABS at work. I experience that twice already, when suddenly breaking and at the same time steering away from the direction I was initially going. The sound is like a fast pulsating drum, this is because the brakes are engaged and disengaged many many times as computed by the ABS computer so that the front wheel will not lock and we can still steer away from danger.

Otherwise if you are still uncertain, you can have your car checked.

The link below hopefully can help shed some light. I hope this helps. Smile



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Re: unusual tapping sound during braking

Post  aln on Tue Dec 25, 2012 7:09 pm

it could be the ABS, pero ganun ba talga ka noticeable ang sound niya when engaged?

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Re: unusual tapping sound during braking

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