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Post  jlberdin on Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:10 pm

Hi fellow LOOPers

Anyone other member from Cebu?

Hi just pickedup my GL - MT from Nissan Cebu,
color=bluish black.

Had few issues, please confirm if these are normal:

1. I have a habit keeping my hands on the shift knob since the last car... with the GL its weird thati felt that there is a certain few degrees movement on the shift knob each time I make sudden accelleration or braking.. is this normal?

2. Also from the Nissan garage to my office I stopped for a while, in neutral and noted that there was an engine vibration as if the idle is not well adjusted for just few seconds. distance traveled= 5km.

Believing it's the fuel, I toppe-up.. but after 25 km run I had parked again in nuetral and the problem came back..
now it has been 2 days.. (60km) I did not notice anymore.
My SA told me, it is normal, run the engine more and this issue should not come back.

Hope someone else can share.


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Newbie from Cebu Empty Re: Newbie from Cebu

Post  aln on Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:17 am

hi sir and welcome to LOOP. umaabot na tayo sa CEBU, hehehe..

anyway, i also have a M/T so i "might" be able to answer your questions.

1. i also feel the movement of the shift knobs and i think it is normal since nka engage yung gear
2. ganun din ang experience ko, i'm already at 30k kms and andun pa din yung vibration. parang pag nag dive yung idle nag vibrate din siya. hindi naman lagi.

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Newbie from Cebu Empty probaly Aircon

Post  jlberdin on Fri Dec 16, 2011 1:26 pm

I suspect it's the startup of the aircon compressor, my previouse car increase the idle (even too much) during aircon start. But i guess it should be fine as long as the engine will not shut off.

Issue 3 on M/T:

I noticed no central lock, I mean if i close the door or open the door with car keys, the other door are unaffected,
also noticed the lack of auto locking if we reach 25kph..

- its a handy feature to prevent kids from opening doors, or to prevent snatchers from opening passenger doors , then gran the passenger cellphones!!

I hope there is an upgrade on this,

I will miss those.. but other than that the GL is performing well compare to my old


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Newbie from Cebu Empty Re: Newbie from Cebu

Post  Bin Diesel on Fri Dec 16, 2011 3:17 pm

Sadly there is no speed sensing door lock in our livina, yun din ang hinahanap ko nung una kong tiningnan ito sa showroom. You can have an alarm installed with this feature. Welcome nga pala.
Bin Diesel
Bin Diesel

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Newbie from Cebu Empty Re: Newbie from Cebu

Post  pistolero on Sat Dec 17, 2011 12:12 am

helo jlberdin, welcome to LOOP , i am also on M/T

I also noticed that "malikot" na kambyo actually while the vehicle is running and my hand is on the shift knob ( i have that habit too hehe ) , im not sure if its normal because haven't experienced that with the other vehicles i had driven. Forgot to mention it to mantrade though but will do next PMS.

Also regarding the idle vibration, on my ride i notice the RPM to rise occasionally from 700RPM to 1KRPM and i feel the engine vibrate, actually as well as the vehicle. I dont know if we have the same experience but i opted to have it checked sa mantrade coz im not comfortable pag may ganun sa makina, experience ko kasi with my old vehicle nuon once pag may ganyan na prang "kadyot" eh needs idle adjustment. so they check this out already they said ok naman daw yung idle based sa readings nila and said the usual na "obserbahan nyo na lang sir", which i am currently doing and currently still experiencing this.


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Newbie from Cebu Empty Re: Newbie from Cebu

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